Bechstein Piano Models / Size Guide

Bechstein Upright Piano Size Guide

Bechstein Upright Piano Models

C. Bechstein built five main models of Uprights, and up until 1902 these were known as Model Nos. I, II, III, IV & V. From 1902 onwards, these models were re-numbered 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 respectively.

Bechstein Model 6 (or ‘I’) is 57½in (145cm) tall with 88 notes and is Bechstein’s tallist upright piano.

Bechstein Model 7 (or ‘II’) is 54½in (138cm) tall with 88 notes, this model is most commonly available in Rosewood or Ebony.

Bechstein Model 8 (or III) is 127cm/50in tall, has 88 notes.

Bechstein Model 9 (or IV) is 122cm/48in tall, has 85 notes.

Bechstein Model 10 (or V) is also 127cm/50in tall, 85 notes and is Bechstein’s straight-strung model.

Bechstein Grand Piano Dimension Guide

Bechstein Grand Piano Models

Prior to 1902, Bechstein built 5 sizes of grand as listed below:

Bechstein Model ‘I’         9ft (275cm) in length

Bechstein Model ‘II’       8ft 4in (254cm) in length

Bechstein Model ‘III’      7ft 8in (234cm) in length

Bechstein Model ‘IV’      7ft 2in (218cm) in length

Bechstein Model ‘V’ –      6ft 7in (200cm) in length

In 1902, Bechstein changed the styles and lengths of all grands made, and 5 new models were introduced:

Bechstein Model E replaced the ‘I’ – same length but revised style;

Bechstein Model D        8ft 2in (250cm) in length

Bechstein Model C        7ft 4in (225cm) in length

Bechstein Model B        6ft 8in (203cm) in length

Bechstein Model A        6ft 2in (185cm) in length (and had 85 notes, not 88).

It is often easy to confuse the model ‘V’ & ‘B’ as they are the same length.  The way to tell them apart is that the model ‘V’ always had a ‘fish-tail’ cabinet, whereas the ‘B’ – built after 1902 – did not and had what was referred to as the ‘curved-tail’

During the 1920s demand increased for smaller grands, and in common with most other manufacturers, Bechstein introduced 4 more (smaller) sizes, the K, L, M & S whilst models B-E continued to be built.

Bechstein Model M       5ft 10in (178cm) in length, and replaced the model A, but with 88 notes;

Bechstein Model L        5ft 6in (168cm) in length also known as ‘Lilliput’ model;

Bechstein Model K       5ft 1in (155cm)in length

Bechstein Model S        4ft 7in (140cm) in length